nyuuconyiin said: Name: chinchin (<<-- only my nickname xD) im just afraid someone i know might knew my true name on tumblr :D LOL
Age: 14
Meaning behind Tumblr url: (--ourlovestory) means , my post are all related to my boyfie and meh ~ = 3 =
Where you live: Philippines :D
Single/taken: T A K E N ~ ^___^
Favorite band: (KPOP) U-KISS AND SS501
Favorite singer: kim kibum (of U-KISS)
Favorite movie: tangled :D i just watch it yesterday then it became my favorite already >///u///<
Favorite tv show: anything anime related *u*
Hobbies/interests: doodle at walls , chairs , floor , cabinet doors , tables ; tumblring ofcourse :D ; and making fan fictions
Why you follow me: everything on ur tumblr is colorful :DD i like those doodles u make . soo adorably cute >///vv///<
Random fact about yourself: im weird LOL . but im fun to be with ^ w ^ .
Question for me: can we have art trade ? and .. can i be friends with chu ? O///_///O c-can i hug u too ?

Haha, it’s okay - I have an interwebz secret name, too. Ohohoho.

The story behind your Tumblr name is really sweet. :333 <3 

Tangled was awesooomee! It’s one of my favorites, too.

You’re a doodle-holic, lol! XD <3

Thank you for following me! OF COURSE WE CAN BE FRIENDS! :DDD Sure, you can hug me lololol. /hug

What would you like drawn for an art trade?

lovalina said: and i realize that this is uberlly cuteee tumblr, so i should follow her! :) *click follow button* lol, and if u don't mind let's do an art trade <3

Aw, thanks! <333

What would you like drawn? :3

sabpie said: Hehe! I thought this looked like fun after seeing other people do it :D

Name: Sabrina
Age: 18
Meaning behind Tumblr url: My name, (Sa)brina (Th)i + (E) = Sathe (also the name I gave an original character of mine to represent me...ish – only she’s a better version, lulz).
Where you live: USA
Single/taken: Taken – ho, ho, ho!
Favorite band: Hmm, I think it might be a toss up between Something Corporate and Lifehouse.
Favorite singer: Don’t really have one, but I am somewhat partial to Michael Buble!
Favorite tv show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer :D
Hobbies/interests: Art, violin, sleeping, art, making amigurumi, reading, writing, art, painting, and…art. xD
Random fact about yourself: My favorite anime is Ouran High School Host Club. But I don’t really like the manga art. D8
Question for me: What’s the most unusual sandwich you’d be willing to try? Personally, I might go for a ketchup/coffee ice cream/strawberry mochi/turkey/egg salad sandwich (or maybe not…)

Hello thar, Sabrina. :) (Interesting derivation of your tumblr name! XD) 

AMIGURUMI? I’ve always wanted to learn. ;o; Your art is so preeteehh. <3 

Thank youuu. XDDD (It’s my secret weapon.)

I’ve never watch Ouran, but I’ve heard a lot about it. :3 

I’m a very picky eater, haha. However, I’ve eaten this before: potato chips + ketchup sandwich. XD 

thanhx2 said: Name: ThanhThanh
Age: 18
Meaning behind Tumblr url: Thanh Thanh = ThanhX2 bahaha
Where you live: US ^o^
Single/taken: Forever Alone.
Favorite band: I BET YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA PUT A KPOP BAND. but i 'm gonna say PARAMORE! ahaha
Favorite singer: ....resist urge to put kpop singer. I LIKE CHRISTINA AGUILARA.
Favorite movie: any thing Miyazaki
Favorite tv show: Family Guy. hurhur
Hobbies/interests: I have no life. I'll do anything artistic to waste time hehe
Why you follow me: I love stars D; and i used to stalk your tumblr a lot lololol
Random fact about yourself: I like kpop ahaha
Question for me: hi. xDDD

Thaanhhh. (Also sorry for this late reply! :’D;;;) 

Forever loners, ftw! <3 

Oh, the irony. xD 

Thank you for stalking my tumblr. <333 

jiin--deactivated20110504-deact said: oh noes am i too late for this;;
Name: jean
Age: askdjfhksj you don't need to know fffff
Meaning behind Tumblr url: i used to spell my name as "jiin" because ... i don't even remember ;-;
Where you live: in a closet.
Single/taken: no one likes me >:
Favorite band: aslkdf i don't know orz"
Favorite singer: hmm, i don't really have one because i think that a lot of people have wonderful voices ^^
Favorite movie: spirited away *v*)<3
Favorite tv show: ehh...
Hobbies/interests: I like to draw.
Why you follow me: is there a reason why i would not follow you?
Random fact about yourself: i think purple is a funny word.
Question for me: WILL YOU DRAW ME SOMETHING!?!?! just kidding. can we be friends? 8D

Sorry for the super later reply. ; n ; 

Hiiii Jean! XDD You’re been posting some interesting stuff lately ~ 


Spirited Awaay ~ <33

Thankkk you for following! <3 OF COURSE WE CAN BE FRIENDS. :B (What would you like drawn?)

nishiya said: Name: Sara
Age: 15
Meaning behind Tumblr url: 'dera' = 'GokuDERA' ><
Where you live: Italy, Venice
Single/taken: Single
Favorite band: Jonas Brothers, lol.
Favorite singer: Katy Perry
Favorite movie: 10 things I hate about you
Favorite tv show: The O.C.
Hobbies/interests: I have lots of books and Manga. Oh, I watch many Animes
Why you follow me: Your blog is adorable!
Random fact about yourself: I hate Venice, lol.
Question for me: So... why 'Flame'?

Hi Sara! :) Veniceeee? I’ve always wanted to visit! Why do you hate it? :’( 

Animanga <3 

Thank you n_n! 

My name means “Flame,” and I think flames are beautiful. :’D

justeenie said: Name: Justine
Age: 10 (Young D:)
Meaning behind Tumblr url: An old nickname of mine.
Where you live: Illinois
Single/taken: Single ;)
Favorite band: Idk D:
Favorite singer: Darren Criss
Favorite movie: Back To The Future (1 2 and 3)
Favorite tv show: Glee
Hobbies/interests: Hip hop, Soccer, Flute
Why you follow me: Your drawings are just adorable!
Random fact about yourself: I Like Cows :D
Question for me: What inspired you to draw?

Woooooah, only 10? o.o I feel so old compared to you, lol. XD; 

Darren Criss is pretty awesome. :D (So are cows.) 

Thank you! >w< 

I’ve been drawing since I was little, and I just enjoy being creative. Oddly, I don’t even know what inspired me in the first place. ^^;; 

tooyoungtofangirl said: I love your blog!! It's cute and entertaining! :D

Haha, thank you so much! n_n I really appreciate it. <33 

bollyspired said: # Name: Bernardine
# Age: 20
# Meaning behind Tumblr url: it's the bolly from bollywood and spired from inspired. It basically means inspirations from bollywood, I guess.
# Where you live: MD
# Single/taken: Single
# Favorite band: U2, Coldplay, Chromeo, Daft Punk, BSB
# Favorite singer: So many I love many bollywood singer, Beyonce, Nancy Ajram, Britney Spears etc.
# Favorite movie: DDLJ, Bend it like Beckham, West Side Story, Inglorious Bastards, Dil Se, many old bollywood films.
# Favorite tv show: The Office & The Sopranos are my top two all time favs.
# Hobbies/interests:Watching Manchester United,I love learning about different cultures, foreign cinema, documentaries and learning
# Why you follow me: I love everything you post!
# Random fact about yourself: I love to bake
# Question for me: Do plan on pursuing art as a career?

Hi Bernardine! :D Thanks for posting this! 

Old Bollywood films really are the best. I actually love Baaton Baaton MeinGol Mal, and Bawarchi the most. :3 

It’s great that you like learning about different cultures. :D 

I looove to bake, too! XD 

I actually don’t plan on pursuing art as a career. I simply enjoy it as a hobby. I’m more interested in pursuing a career in engineering because I love math and science. 

cinammonroll-deactivated2011012 said: heeey there stranger ;3
where do you make your drawings?
they're so adorable, i've tried finding other websites but nothing seems to be good enough :S

Hello there! :D Thank you! <3 

I main use Adobe Illustrator CS3 to make my drawings and use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to save them as .png’s. I used to use Photoshop a lot for vectoring, but I’ve been restricting myself to learn Illustrator. I sometimes use the Adobe Ideas app on my iPhone, as well (it’s free). I know deviantART has an online drawing program called Muro. There’s also a free Photoshop-type program called Gimp that you can download. I’m not really aware of any others, though. >< I hope you find what you’re looking for!    

Edit: Also! I used to use OpenCanvas 1.1, which is a free version of the actual OpenCanvas. I really loved using this. :) 

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